23 October 2007

Making a little extra money online

More and more websites offer a chance to make "easy" money online. I'm going to go through a few of these places in this post. Before joining these places to make your cash, it might be a good idea to get an account at PayPal. A lot of sites use PayPal for payout, plus you don't have to pay a fee at the bank everytime you recieve a check. Enjoy!

MyLot is a forum where you post for money. There are LOADS of these forums out there, but you have to be aware that most of these forums are a fraud. MyLot is one of the few reliable places that will actually pay you (I know from my own experience). You don't earn huge sums on MyLot, but at least you know you'll get your payout!

Thisisby.us is a revenue sharing website, where you can earn money by writing. The site has various topics to chose from, and content is voted to the top by all users. The more votes, comments and pageviews your article gets, the better! Definitely something for those who have the gift of writing.

Gangstergreed.com is site that offers you pay to complete offers from advertisers. For an in-depth analyse and review of Gangstergreed, check out this article at DoshDosh. Just be aware that most offers apply to the US only.

Pretty much the same as Gangstergreed. Get paid to complete offers. Some users have earned as much as $1000, and as far as I know, they are not a scam. You can also check other people's payouts on the website, to make sure they aren't a scam. Most offers available to the US only.

More money making sites will be posted later, I just have to check them out first, making sure they pay out what they owe their users.

Happy money making for now.

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2 Comments: on "Making a little extra money online"

Arslan said...

i think it,s a great news.

Anonymous said...

i think there are other possible ways to make money on the internet as well.

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