31 December 2008

Alternatives When Banned From Google Adsense

Did you get banned from Google Adsense or did they remove their ads from one of your sites? Well, they did the same thing to me! Reason being I had adult content on my page (Bull****), and we all know there is absolutely no point in discussing anything with Google. You’ll never win!

Sadly Adsense is the best PPC program out there at the moment, so it’s a real bummer to lose money on that account.

When I got the message from Google Adsense, I was REALLY angry, but since there was no point in complaining, I tried tracking down other alternatives, and I’m going to share my earnings and general e experience with these companies, to see which one is the best option.

I will use these PPC programs for 7 days, and return with a full summary!

I will test out these 3 programs:

BlackLabel Ads (suitable for adult related sites)



You can return in about 8 days for a report and maybe even a recommendation for one of the companies!

Happy New Year, and take good care out there

Best regards


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5 Comments: on "Alternatives When Banned From Google Adsense"

butterfly valve said...

Nice post. thanks for this.. =)

Website Design said...

This could happen to anyone really. I would be curious to know your results.

Mrs D said...

So were there any conlusions to the best alternative then?

Sameer said...

You said you are banned by adsense, but I still see that Ads by google in your page. ??

Admin said...

Some of my sites are banned from Adsense yes, not this one:) The conclusion is still in process. I need to have it running a little longer to make the best review for you. I realized 7 days was not enough to make a decent comparison, that's why I haven't returned.