10 February 2008

A Few Pointers on How to Write Unique and Quality Content

Let's face it, quality traffic only comes from quality content! Maybe you are wondering how you actually write this unique content that people want to read, and that's why I've prepared a little post with a few pointers for you.

When you've found your niche, it's always a good idea to research a bit on on your target group. What will interest them?, and what can you do to make them read your blog with interest?
Start out by creating a fictitious reader profile, to be able to point yourself into what this person in the target group will read about. Use your friends as much as possible if they are in your target group. Ask them to review a few posts, and ask for their honest opinions. Chances are, that your friends have very different perspectives, that you might not have seen or even thought about. If you aren't the sociable type, you need to find readers in your target group, who are willing to help you out.

Another great way to create a profile and/or research on your target group is forums! Forums are very popular, and I can guarantee you, that you'll find a forum that your target group use on a regular basis. Sign up in that specific forum (preferably more forums), and create a survey. Ask them about relevant things like: "What topics interest you?", "Would you read an article about...?", "What would make you come back to a site/blog", etc. etc.
You need to target your posts very precisely.

It's important to be yourself when writing, more people are interested in your own opinion, than you might think. Look at PerezHilton, he gets a million hits every day, just by being himself and posting his honest opinion about celebrities. No matter if you like him or not, he earns quite a bit on his blog!

Look at other blogs in your niche. What kind of topics are they writing about?, how do they do it?, do they use humor?, or are the topics more serious?. Get inspired!

Never steal other people's posts, it will soon be revealed and you will lose your readers. Write your own, and do it good!

Last, but not least: Think outside the box!! It will get you far.
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